Morris Talk

Some of you may be aware that, for some time, Dr. Clampin of this parish has been exercising his academic skills in researching the unique language used by participants within the morris dancing community.

The result is Morris Talk, a lexicon of Morris dancing terms, phrases and expressions, a copy of which is available for viewing and download.

Much of Dr. Clampin’s research took place during his time as a member of Mersey Morris Men. It is therefore perhaps to be expected that some of the terms in the lexicon are local to that team, and that other morris teams will have equivalents in their own ‘patois’.

It is anticipated that this scholarly work will sit alongside the ‘Black Book’ as essential reading for both novitiates and experienced practitioners of the Morris.

The attached document is copyright Dr. Clampin & Mersey Morris Men and made freely available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons licence (CC BY-NC).