The highlights and lowlights of my first year; or why?

Part the seventh – The highlights and lowlights of my first year; or why am I getting up at 5am and why do my feet hurt so much? 

At the end of my last musings I promised a review of the highlights and lowlights of my first year, well it’s been just over 12 months since I started on this journey and to be absolutely honest I have enjoyed every step (single, double and twisty back), so it is very difficult to pick highlights.

All of the events I have written about in these musings have been highlights, but dear reader, if you insist on me choosing, the best moments were

.……………(long pause like they do on the telly)…………….

5.24am on 1st May when the sun broke the horizon over Liverpool and we were dancing at the Observatory on Bidston Hill during the traditional ‘sun-upping’ ceremony.

And about 10.30am on Saturday 8th June at the Beechenhurst Lodge Visitor Centre in the Forest of Dean when I joined in my first mass dance with about 80 other dancers.

As for lowlights, I think there have only been two.

The first was the realization that I should have started doing this years ago and that as a result I will probably never be as good a dancer as I would like to be.

The fact that my feet are taking a long time to get used to the pounding they get when dancing and as a consequence sometimes hurt like hell after a day of dancing.  And before anyone suggests a change of shoes I took three months finding the ones I have and they were the softest I could find, and they have gel insoles!

Well that’s it for this time – I know it’s short and how much you enjoy these musings dear reader – but there you are.

Oh! I’ve just remembered, the other highlight of the year was meeting all the welcoming, friendly and generous members of Mersey Morris Men!!

Next time: some vital statistics about those members.