Squire of Mersey Morris to Regenerate……..

A Bit of Background

Andy Wooles - Mersey Morris SquireAlmost exactly eight years after turning up to Mersey Morris for the first time one dismal Monday evening in November, I find myself just eight weeks away from taking over the reins as Squire of the team for the next three years!

Do they know what they have done!!!!????

Over the past few years, my webmaster duties have helped MMM become much more visible on the Internet, both through this website and through the social media delights of Facebook, and more recently Twitter.

My constant request has been and still is ‘we need more content for the web’, so I thought it only right to finally commit to take my own medicine and post some occasional thoughts and observations as I crawl up the learning curve associated with wearing the badge of Squire of Mersey Morris Men. And perhaps shed some insights into the machinations of ‘the Morris’ along the way.

AGM minus 8 weeks and counting…regeneration beckons….

Having won the recent by-election at a General Meeting, I officially take over as Squire following a formal vote at the MMM AGM in early January. Until then, I am Squire Elect, waiting in the wings, making helpful suggestions, and generally getting in the way.

One of the benefits of going through an election process is that it did cause me to think about what I would actually like to do, to achieve, to introduce, to change, to improve, to leave untouched, to get rid of etc etc during my time as squire. And also meant I could potentially start to get some wheels turning before the official handover!

As an example, MMM enjoy the company of other Morris teams and each year travel widely (yes, Australia!!) to Ring Meetings and other teams’ Days or Weekends of Dance. But we do not regularly hold our own event to return the invitation! So yesterday evening, I flew the kite – “Do we want to organise our own event next summer?” – And the strong consensus was Yes!!

That vote of approval means we now need to start thinking about and making some decisions on:

  •  When?
  •  Where?
  •  Who to invite?
  •  Day or weekend?
  •  Format for the day?
  •  Bus tour or walking tour?
  •  Pubs? tourist sights? Both?
  •  Costs!!!
  •  Etc. Etc…
  •  …..and who is going to help the committee make it all happen?

But all of that is definitely for a future blog post or three!

Before then I will undoubtedly be involved in meetings to decide next year’s dancing calendar and the choreography for our big event of the year – MMM Boxing Day Revels in Willaston, where the locals turn up in force to enjoy the dancing, mulled wine and cake.

And finally, just in case you were wondering, I am Andy Wooles!

PS Does anyone have a job description for squire of a morris team?