Suddenly it is May 2015, where did those last 12 months go?

It is said the road to ruin is paved with good intentions. As I approach the halfway point of my three year sentence as Squire, what has happened at Mersey Morris?

Looking back on 2014, there was plenty of dancing with lots of photographic evidence on our Facebook Page to prove it!! And some of those ‘manifesto’ pebbles I dropped into the Mersey did begin to generate waves…..

A new Liver Bird ‘Lennon’ bonded itself to the team, and having grown up alongside morris men, he was at ease with the dancers, the music and the audience and regularly participated in dances. (This was a significant change to some of the previous generations of Birds which had been decidedly irritable.) Very popular with the audience, especially the children, he is now an asset to the team.

Jigs became an integral part of the Mersey performance repertoire. Almost every member of Mersey danced out at least one jig over the summer from across a wide range of traditions including a ‘free form’ Adderbury jig.  Although they were usually performed in pairs rather than solo, on one occasion the whole team danced Nutting Girl from Fieldtown ‘en masse’.

Boxing Day is our major ‘home’ performance of the year with typically a few hundred people turning out, whatever the weather. For 2014, we re-discovered the Mersey Christmas dances – largely traditional Cotswold dances to Christmas carols. These hadn’t been danced this century and so gave everyone something different to practice!

And so we moved into 2015…..(to be continued..)