Suddenly it is May 2015…..Part 2

And so continuing my mid-term review bringing us into 2015 , and the pebbles continued to make splashes….

Mersey has a repertoire of Border and Molly dances which have been seldom danced in recent years. So a date was set for a winter dance out featuring only dances from those traditions. And the early 2015 practices were organised to focus on those dances. When one of our musicians kindly offered to make rag coats for everyone, it all came together. Border & Molly traditions are firmly back in the MMM 2015 programme , with rag coats at the ready for a quick kit change.

The 2015 MM Cotswold dance repertoire was given a spring clean. Some of the feedback from 2014 was that there were too many easy dances, and perhaps not enough challenges for the more confident dancers. So in collaboration with the Foreman, all of those easy/default dances are being ‘rested’ for 2015 (at least) and have been substituted with other dances which had been languishing in the backwaters of the MM dance list. Interestingly when the new Ring Squire published his list of dances for ‘massed dances’, almost every one was already on that Mersey list of ‘rested’ dances!!

Following the positive response to the re-introduction of jigs last year, Peter Morris ran a workshop to teach the ‘Mersey’ Broom Dance, which he was taught decades ago by another Mersey man. As the 2015 dance season gets underway, three broom dancers have already demonstrated their skills in public, with at least two more training their brooms in eager anticipation.

This August, we are hosting Adelaide Morris Men for a weekend. We are therefore running a one-day Meeting of the Morris Ring in Liverpool on the Saturday, followed by a more leisurely dance out in Chester the following day.

Finally to round these mid-term musing off with news to excite every morris team – three new dancers have joined MMM (although one had danced with us twenty years previously) and two new musicians, including our first piper.

The dance goes on for MMM ……. and there are still some pebbles left!!!